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We invest in highly scalable, early-stage, curated opportunities and are extremely selective with our deals. We are present in both AL India & and AL US (for international opportunities as well as Indian Startups that have their holding companies abroad).

We have a vision to build a founder-friendly network and we are extremely quick with our discussions and analysis and offer quick feedback and commitments if interested.

Our Investment Criteria are as follows:

  1. Early Stage Startups with indicators pointing towards PMF: We only invest in post-revenue startups where KPIs such as customer retention point to early signs of PMF being established in industries with large TAMs.

  2. Sector Agnostic: We believe that good opportunities can come from anywhere and do not limit our investments by sector. However, we consult industry veterans before taking a final call for shortlisted opportunities.

  3. Invest alongside quality Co-Investors: We believe that VCs play a substantial role in providing guidance and resources to startups as part of their growth journey. Therefore, we select opportunities being backed by other marquee funds that lead the round. We never lead the round.

  4. Protection of Interests: We only back startups if they assure us transparency with Information Rights and other rights such as pre-emptive rights, tag-along rights, etc. We do not compromise on them and also share monthly updates with all LPs about their investments.

While it is too early for us to calculate IRR since we are just building our portfolio, it's in healthy double digits. We have 2 outcomes already- with 1 exit and 1 bust so far.


We do not aim to be prolific but allocate capital extremely judiciously to offer the best return to our investors. Investments in startups are quite risky but we aim to mitigate those risks.


We also have a deal advisory arm that helps larger startups raise money (gives us a better understanding of the VC ecosystem and improves deal flow). The sister business also helps our portfolio companies with their up rounds (only if the board requests).



We source our deals through LinkedIn connections, referrals, and scout networks. In venture capital, access is a superpower. Our goal is to give our LPs the best deals accessible to the select few.

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