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Angel Investing Decoded

Next Cohort Starts

July 1st

Learn with the Experts

Six 90-Minute Sessions
12-Noon IST
Every Saturday
Live and Virtual
Program Fee:
INR 25,000

Program Overview:

Join the Angel Investing Adventure:
Unleash Your Inner Superhero in 6 Weeks
Week 1

Unleash Your Inner Angel:

The Exciting World of Startup Investing

Discover the ins and outs of startup investing, venture capital, and angel investing. Explore the motivations behind why startups raise capital and learn how VCs and angel investors play a critical role in shaping the future of the industry. Get ready to understand how to build your own portfolio, maximize your return on investment, and navigate the risks associated with private and public equity.

Who Should Join Us?






CXOs, Big Tech, Consulting, MNC Execs


Creators and influencers shaping the digital future


Second-gen entrepreneurs Looking to expand into tech

Key take aways

Unlock Your Angel Investing Potential


Angel investing can generate significant returns, with some successful startups becoming billion-dollar companies. Investing in the right startups can lead to substantial wealth creation. Our program provides the tools to analyse which startup to invest in.

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Image by Claudio Schwarz

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