early-stage investments – our evaluation process

Startups are the growth engine of the future. Investors all over the world are flocking to them. But that doesn't mean capital supply outstrips demand. A huge majority of startups fail because they can't raise capital.

Starting startups has never been easier. You can start with a computer and minimal capital. The upside of a successful startup is massive. No wonder so many smart young people are starting companies every day.

Many people do startups because they mistakenly believe it's an easy way of making money. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Startups require immense effort and sacrifices. It's akin to putting all the effort you will put into a 30-year career in 5 years.

We back founders who believe in their ideas and put their skin in the game. Although our cheque sizes are smaller than most investors, we understand startups better than most because of our advisory business. We eat, sleep, and breathe startups. Our goal is to help all our investee companies grow big by assisting them in their future rounds.

Our investment thesis​

We love technology and are sector agnostic. It doesn't matter to us what problem you are trying to solve as long as you are solving it well. We invest in early-stage startups in their seed and post-seed rounds.


Our ticket size is between $50,000 and $150,000, and we invest through a syndicate.


Since investing is not our core business, we leave valuation and due diligence to full-time VCs. What it means is we always co-invest with a lead investor who decides the valuation and other terms.

our checklist

  1. Full-time founders (no single founder team)

  2. Monthly revenue of at least $ 10,000

  3. Round size under $1 Mn

  4. Pre-money valuation under $4 Mn

  5. Hard commitment from a lead investor

Contact us at hello@tremis.in for more details.

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