Secondary Sale – How does it work?

Startup equity is valuable, but how do you sell it?

Most equity owners ponder over this question. This is especially true once the startup has become big with a valuation of hundreds of million dollars.

Startups take their sweet own time to reach liquidity events like IPO, Mergers or Acquisitions. Sometimes it can be years if not decades. How do founders, angel investors, and early employees cash out? They own equity, but they can't sell them in a stock exchange. These shares are not listed.

Enter buyers who buy these existing shares (known as secondary as against primary which are new shares issued by the company). But secondaries (short for sale of secondary shares) is an opaque market. The buyers and sellers don't know each other.

We help bridge this gap through our expertise and network. We sell late-stage startups' (Valuation above $250 Mn) equity in our network of HNIs, Family Offices, and global VCs.

Contact us at if you want to sell your shares of an Indian unicorn (or similar sized startups), and we will find buyers for you.

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