financial analysis – why it is critical?

"I don't need you to help me with a business plan or financial projection. Tell me how you can help me raise money."

Some founders believe fundraising is all about idea and story. They are not entirely wrong. Both these are critical for a successful capital raise. Investing in early-stage startups is an art. But there is also some process and rigour involved.


All investors look at TAM, traction, unit economics, competition, business model, future projections, growth opportunities, and fund usage before investing. Our experience is most early-stage founders lack clarity on at least a few if not all of these parameters.​

Fundraising is a time-taking process. The best founders are excellent at two things: storytelling and unit economics. Getting investment is tough because there is a lot of competition and investors ask difficult questions. Our job is to make you investor ready. 

our offerings

  1. Business plan

  2. Financial projection

  3. KPI tracker

  4. Investor deck​

If you need any of these services for your fundraising endeavours, contact us at and our finance experts will get back to you within 48 hours.

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