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Identifying and Stopping Frauds in Indian Companies

We help you to quickly identify any potential red flags in current or prospective investee companies - saving you time, money, and misery.

Our experienced investigators build a comprehensive profile of the potential investee company and its associated businesses.

Once we have defined the scope of the investigation, we present you a detailed report, both over the email and in a face to face meeting.

We Identify and Check

  1. Founder Background and Health

  2. False financial statements

  3. Hiring relatives or friends 

  4. Fake customer reviews

  5. Misleading marketing claims

  6. Fake invoices

  7. Undisclosed conflicts of interest

  8. Bribing investors

  9. Undisclosed related party transactions

  10. Overstating revenues/ Understating expenses

  11. Hiding liabilities

  12. Misclassifying revenue

  13. Misrepresenting technology 


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

EU, India, and Mauritius based team with dozens of years of experience in working with Startups and MSMEs.


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